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Welcome Fellow Aliens

OGKush The Alien is a songwriter, beat maker and producer.  OG currently works with various artists providing beats, music and song production.  OG is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in all things percussion, piano, guitar, and Bali Steel Pan.  OGKush's latest work includes releasing his own compilations of musical beats and meditation inspired musical creations on his latest album entitled:  OGKush The Alien - Heading Back to Space.  OGKush also produced and wrote all beats for Jordana's new debut album of original tracks entitled:  Jordana Just Getting Started.

OGKush The Alien is the brains behind the EP named; Jordana with OGKush the Alien, Hiding Under Covers, as well as his own self titled full length CD of world beats named; OGKush The Alien; HANG in Space.  

In addition, OG and Jordana assembled a compilation CD named: OGKush The Alien Feat. Jordana; HANGing Under the Covers as they plan to work together and plan to create all original music going forward. 

OGKush The Alien also released his first world music double CD HANG with an Alien; Taking Flight and Crash Landing back in November 2015.  All music is available on several music sites as well as for sale by donation on this website.

Labeled a music prodigy at a young age, OGKush The Alien has been playing percussion and drums for over 40 years. After discovering the Bali Steel Pan (BSP) while traveling through Europe, OG began to study the various Hand Pans and eventually chose to focus specifically on Chris Andersen's Bali Steel Pans (BSP). OG now has 12 different BSP's and hopefully will be working with Andersen to develop new scales in the future.  

The Alien records frequently at Fight Klub Studios and has been making beats for international rap artists.  OG is also working on his next album and various other musical production projects for his clients.  His main goals artistically at this point is to focus on creating music.

OGKush The Alien is President and CEO of Good Carma Music Productions, Inc. and is currently planning a world tour with Jordana and friends for 2018.

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Previous events


OGKush The Alien

Lisabel Gallery, 1481 Ottawa Street, Montreal, Quebec H3C 1S9

Lisabel Filiatrault a prolific painter, Lisabel registered her trademark in the pictoral trend across the globe because of her exceptional technique that combines art and technology. Lisabel uses an abstract and semi-figurative style, using unique composite materials. Her art has been sold from Montreal to Dubai, Toronto, Miami, San Diego, Mexico, Portugal, Shanghai, Beijing, and New York.

Lisabel and Glenn have been friends with world music composer and beat maker, OGKush The Alien for many years. In 2017 Lisabel was gracious enough to allow OGKush to utilize one of her paintings for the cover of OGKush's Hanging Under the Covers album with features singer songwriter, Jordana.

OGKush and Jordana will be performing for Lisabel's book launch which will be featuring some of Lisabel's greatest works. We hope you can join us for a wonderful evening of music and art.