Love is War EP Released August 18, 2021 

Love is War was produced by Stephen Metivier aka OGKush The Alien for the young, up and coming female vocalist, singer, songwriter, RoseGold.  The album includes all original songs written by RoseGold with music written, composed, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Metivier.  The duo have collaborated for the last couple years having released their debut album Blue Haired Girl back in January 2021 which included such tracks as I Will Fight, Poison Head, Finding Future, Grey Area, Please Stay, Love Letter, The Show Is About to Begin, and I Will Fight Again. 

Love is War is the first single off of the new album which was released in March 2021.  Metivier and RoseGold collaborated with professional studio musicians, Josh Needleman (Bass), Bryan Mull (Electric Guitar), Marcus Ruggiero (Acoustic Guitar) and James Woods (Bass) in order to provide an original live performance sound to RoseGold's new songs including Love is War, Dark Nature, Europe, Humans are a Constant Source of Disappointment and Make You Mine.  Seven time grammy winner, MarioSo De Jesus mixed the album in his New York studio.  The new album is available on all major music streaming sites including Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music and Google Music.  

RoseGold, a 16 year old Queensbury, NY resident, began singing at the age of four, and developed her passion for music through various school programs, coffee shop performances, and private lessons which helped broaden her skillset vocally and instrumentally.  Prior to entering middle school, RoseGold began composing her own songs. “I started writing music because it helped me express the sadness and anxiety I feel at times.” says the young songwriter, “As I’ve grown and accepted myself as an artist, I find myself being inspired by writing about people close to me.  "My goal is to create music and write lyrics that inspire people or help them cope.”  

OGKush The Alien, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, has written, composed, and produced for numerous genres of music and has performed throughout the United States, Canada and internationally including Europe, the Caribbean and Russia. OGKush specializes in working with, managing, and developing young new artists and is currently producing for several Hip Hop, Pop, Americana, Indie and Reggae artists.  Love is War is  OGKush’s 11th studio album collaboration.  OG is also President and CEO of Goode Carma Music, a full service music production company.  

“Blue Haired Girl” is available in over 65 countries and found on most music streaming sites, including Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Sonos, Deezer & iTunes.  

Love is War the album was released the summer of 2021 followed by an East Coast based summer tour. 

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