OGKush The Alien

Lisabel Gallery, 1481 Ottawa Street, Montreal, Quebec H3C 1S9

Lisabel Filiatrault a prolific painter, Lisabel registered her trademark in the pictoral trend across the globe because of her exceptional technique that combines art and technology. Lisabel uses an abstract and semi-figurative style, using unique composite materials. Her art has been sold from Montreal to Dubai, Toronto, Miami, San Diego, Mexico, Portugal, Shanghai, Beijing, and New York.

Lisabel and Glenn have been friends with world music composer and beat maker, OGKush The Alien for many years. In 2017 Lisabel was gracious enough to allow OGKush to utilize one of her paintings for the cover of OGKush's Hanging Under the Covers album with features singer songwriter, Jordana.

OGKush and Jordana will be performing for Lisabel's book launch which will be featuring some of Lisabel's greatest works. We hope you can join us for a wonderful evening of music and art.